Monday, June 3, 2019


  • If your School, College, University, Club, or Charity can sell 200-300 tickets at $15.00 - $20.00 each, the gross income could be $3000.00 - $6000.00 in one show - plan for 2 and double your profit in one night!
  • Hypnosis Fundraising can make SO MUCH PROFIT, in A VERY LITTLE TIME, while all involved are having and raising SO MUCH FUNds in the end!
  • Everyone loves to laugh and be entertained! The Joe DeVito's ComedyStage Hypnosis Show could leave your group laughing all the way to the bank in profits with your next fundraising event!
  • Perfect for VOLUNTEER, TOWNSHIP, CITY, & LOCAL FIRE FIGHTER HOUSES, LAW ENFORCEMENTor POLICE DEPARTMENTS trying to raise critical dollars for new equipment, growth or budget needs
  • Special event fundraising varies significantly, however audience participation events show a higher success rate and offer greater financial rewards than any other fundraising form today!
  • Highest profit guarantee compared to all other fundraising methods - High Value to your fundraiser supporters!
  • Quick and simple way to earn much needed funds!
  • Customize the show to your groups needs at no extra cost!
  • Everybody loves a hypnotist - and Joe DeVito has been pleasing crowds of all ages nationwide!
  • Hiring Joe DeVito Master Hypnotist is a profitable and hassle-free fundraiser choice!
  • Joe's Hypnotist shows are a new and proven form of fundraising and in record time and with better value for your supporters than cookies, magazines, pizzas, popcorn, candles, candy and more!
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Monday, May 13, 2019

Stage Hypnosis – One Day at a Time.

Over the years I have entertained an incredibly vast cross section of wonderful people all over the country. During this time, I have learned – Time and Time again that people are truly wonderful with an infinite capacity for being entertained and enjoying themselves. I look forward to every show as if it was my first. I am honored to have shared laughter and entertainment with people laughing with me and themselves. It proves to me every event that people have an infinite amount of happiness and good.

Joe DeVito is considered New England's Number 1 Choice for an Audience Participation Comedy Stage Hypnotist having Entertained Over A Million People In 35+ States With Quick Wit and Mesmerizing Stage Hypnotainment!

Beyond Highschools, Colleges, Camps, and Corporate Event - Joe DeVito's Comedy Hypnotist Show is a big hit with Fraternal Organizations and Large Memberships too - including: Elks Lodge (The Elks) | Loyal Order of Moose (Moose Lodge - The Family Fraternity) Lions Clubs International | Knights of Columbus | The Freemasons - The Masons Key Club | Rotary International (The Rotary Club - Rotary) The Jaycees - United States Junior Chamber Of Commerce Kiwanis International | Shriners and more!

Plus have you ever considered holding a fundraiser? A Stage Hypnotist is the perfect solution! More next time...but if you want to learn more now....visit the website at GO FUNDRAISER!

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Still Not Convinced A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Is The Fundraiser For You...

It's True! Groups Across America Are Fast Discovering:

  • Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser, or fund-raiser? No matter how you spell it, most fundraisers are a lot of work! One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do.
  • Fundraisers include product sales, raffles, restaurant nights, yard sales, labor auctions and much, much more.
  • Why then choose a stage hypnotist show with Joe DeVito? That's Simple!
  • Low cost, time involvement with HIGH PROFIT Margins!

What Groups Are Saying...

  • $4000 Profit and lots of fun for the entire family!
  • Joe DeVito's posters and guidance made our event planning easy and very successful!
  • Funds raised from the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito paif ro our educational trip to Washington D.C.!
  • Definitely one hilarious success!
  • Very satisfied - thank-you Joe!
  • We are so happy with the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito
    - VERY PROFESSIONAL, but EXTREMELY Entertaining!
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