Friday, June 8, 2012

Try to change it up

It's 11:30 and guess where I'm giong ,thats right off to do another high schoool grad night,75% of my high schools are repeat clients ,some as long as 16yrs. in a row,sure I'll get a few new ones every year ,and some will book once and not be heard from again, but for the most part my regulars contract on the same night before I walk out the door for the following year .so  for that reason I have to keep coming up with new material ,the students change every year as well as the parents but it's still nice to keep things fresh and up to date,believe me the crowds needs to be able to relate to your material ,you can always count on some of the standard skits for a clean high school show ,we have all used them ,but try to present them using your personality put your own spin on it if you can.I have found by doing things a bit different my old clients are happy ,my new client get to see something different from the previous hypnotist they hired and I don't put myself into a repetative" here we go again " routine.