Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can you really become a professional stage hypnotist in 3days?

I often wonder how some people who teach stage hypnosis can make that claim,It took me more than 3 days and a lot of hard work to get where I am now ,and twenty years later I still work hard to keep working, yet more and more so called experts and national organizations are running schools  giving courses and selling instruction dvds touting how successful and profitable your life will be with all the extra money you'll be making if you take their course .They boast of traveling the country performing on the Queen Mary or some luxury resort ,doing shows  and stop smoking seminars collecting back of the room sales from what?  you guessed it more dvds. Lets be honest here ,how many of you out there are really full time fully insured stagehypnotists whos sole income is derived from performing,how many are working 2 to 3 nights a week or more, it ain't easy and as time goes on Hypnosis shows and StageHypnotists are going the way of the comedy industry back in the 80's everybody and his brother jumped on the band wagon and it's like Starbucks, one on every corner .Now everyone is an instructor,  yeah you'll always get those extra calls for prom and grad nights but it's seasonal and if they have never seen a  real stagehypnotist before it's like someone who 's been eating chopped sirloin they won't know the difference until they try a filet mignon  .The trick here is to set yourself apart from all the others,kind of hard to do on the internet because anyone can make themselves look good on a website . What I'm getting at is this it take more than 3 days or week to become a true professional ,you need time and a lot of shows under your belt,any beginner with a little bit of know how can go do a high school, but it take a master to walk into a room or comedy club with less than a sellout crowd and put on a show ,They won't teach you that in hypnosis school!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Educate your clientele

When it comes to booking comedy hypnosis shows I find that most people have no idea what a really good hypnotist charges for a ninety minute performance ,I had a club owner in New Hampshire call 2 days ago wanting to book a show with a budget of $200.00 and a room capacity of 50 people.Now I'm sure they found some wannabe just staring out who will probably take that gig ,but I made sure I took the time to explain in detail to the club owner exactly what kind of performance he will get for his money.I'm not saying you'll get two grand  and a crowd of 400 people everytime you go out the door and of course every client has a different budget ,but be realistic when booking ,if you're doing backyard parties for 30 or 40 people for a few extra bucks and they have never seen a hypnois demonstration ,ther're going  to think WOW!then they go see a full production ,well the difference is night and day  pick and choose, sometimes you're better of to politely decline than do a lousy show for low pay.