Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Its NOT Hocus Pocus – It’s Hypnosis!

There are a number of different kinds of hypnosis. The Joe Devito Hypnosis Show is Comedy Stage hypnosis with audience participation in an auditorium, hall, theater or club. Instead of the old timey stereotypical “Hypnosis Show” I offer a fun, amazing experience for all different kinds of audiences, from toned down – Totally Kid and Family Friendly shows to R- rated adult favored shows,

The key though here is as a professional hypnotist I can customize the show for whatever the audience or venue dictates or needs. You - the audience members becomes the show. I have unique talents, insights and fun ways for us to make great entertainment together! You'll quickly learn why you many say you may not just see the show - you might be the show!

Ready to learn more - or hire a hypnotist for your group? Call 866-614-0855 or submit your inquiry at info@joedevitohypnotist.com or submit an inquiry at www.JoeDevitoHypnotist.com!