Friday, April 19, 2019

Still Not Convinced A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Is The Fundraiser For You...

It's True! Groups Across America Are Fast Discovering:

  • Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser, or fund-raiser? No matter how you spell it, most fundraisers are a lot of work! One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do.
  • Fundraisers include product sales, raffles, restaurant nights, yard sales, labor auctions and much, much more.
  • Why then choose a stage hypnotist show with Joe DeVito? That's Simple!
  • Low cost, time involvement with HIGH PROFIT Margins!

What Groups Are Saying...

  • $4000 Profit and lots of fun for the entire family!
  • Joe DeVito's posters and guidance made our event planning easy and very successful!
  • Funds raised from the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito paif ro our educational trip to Washington D.C.!
  • Definitely one hilarious success!
  • Very satisfied - thank-you Joe!
  • We are so happy with the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito
    - VERY PROFESSIONAL, but EXTREMELY Entertaining!
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Monday, April 8, 2019

Try this at home: Relax, Think. Remember. Repeat.

You can do it, I know you can! Self-hypnosis allows YOU, yes you, to bridge the gap between relaxation and meditation to focus on your goals, change a behavior, or work on memory and recall techniques.

To try this at home, do the following: 

Find a safe, quiet space where you can relax and be free of distractions. Have a seat and make sure you are comfortable and breath deeply and slowly. Try to focus on a simple goal, for example: I will remember where I left the car keys. Use that as a mantra and breathe deeper and relax - you are completely safe here, in your favorite spot. Let the distractions of the day go as you quietly relax and breathe deeply. Try to retrace your steps… When did you last have these keys in your hand? Think! Where do you commonly leave them? Is there a special coat you were wearing or were you distracted somehow? Were you performing a task which was interrupted for some reason? Relax think. Remember. – take the time. This is a simple exercise which will have positive results regardless of whether you remember where the keys are or not. You will come out of it feeling more relaxed and centered.

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