Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Holiday Season is Here!

Tis the season ,from now untill about December 20th ,the calls begin coming for those holiday parties,everything from the big lavish corporate events to the handful of office workers looking for a little something extra or even a family holiday get together. My personal preference is to always avoid anything with excess drinking and an open bar ,groups with lots small children ,and groups of less than 75 people. the first one is a no brainer ,drunker is not better,the more they ingest the worse the show becomes for obvious reasons.nothing more dissapointing than mixing alcohal with hypnosis,the two do not go together at all,one or two drinks is fine if you are a participant,other than that please do not insist you are ok to to be hypnotized and make an ass of yourself on stage by continueing to insist  you are not drunk.The next one is easy ,take the kids to see Santa, get a clown or do some balloon twisting,there is always some idiot adult who thinks it will be fun for the kiddies to watch moms and dads get hypnotized at the family Xmas party,think again ,these tykes are not of age to comprehend what is taking place,and there is always a baby who breaks out in a full fit if crying in the middle of the induction .Last but not least any party with an audience of less than 75 people lets face it the hypnosis stage show should be just that A SHOW! not some half ass wannabe pretending to be a top shelf entertainer doing hyponsis in someones living room for a holiday party of eleven ladies ,or the break room of a law firm using a boom box for sound ,keep it professional.It is better to turn down a lowpaying gig for the sake of all the true stagehypnotists out there than to be a hypnowhore for a few bucks, and make the rest of us look like crap.The bottom line here is this, if you take cheap gigs you look cheap , dont work cheap ,or you get paid cheap,go out and act like a pro or don't go at all. Pick and choose your holiday parties carefully ,you'll be glad you did ,your reputation will thank you for it.Sometimes saying NO to a particular event is a lot better in the long run for you and the client,you will avoid the embarrassment of a less than good performance and an unhappy client whose expectation you did not live up to as a stagehypnotist. See you all next year