Friday, April 19, 2019

Still Not Convinced A Comedy Stage Hypnotist Is The Fundraiser For You...

It's True! Groups Across America Are Fast Discovering:

  • Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser, or fund-raiser? No matter how you spell it, most fundraisers are a lot of work! One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do.
  • Fundraisers include product sales, raffles, restaurant nights, yard sales, labor auctions and much, much more.
  • Why then choose a stage hypnotist show with Joe DeVito? That's Simple!
  • Low cost, time involvement with HIGH PROFIT Margins!

What Groups Are Saying...

  • $4000 Profit and lots of fun for the entire family!
  • Joe DeVito's posters and guidance made our event planning easy and very successful!
  • Funds raised from the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito paif ro our educational trip to Washington D.C.!
  • Definitely one hilarious success!
  • Very satisfied - thank-you Joe!
  • We are so happy with the hypnotist show by Joe DeVito
    - VERY PROFESSIONAL, but EXTREMELY Entertaining!
Ready to learn more - or hire a hypnotist for your group's fundraising night or just for fun!? Call 866-614-0855 or submit your inquiry at or submit an inquiry at!

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