Monday, April 9, 2012

Educate your clientele

When it comes to booking comedy hypnosis shows I find that most people have no idea what a really good hypnotist charges for a ninety minute performance ,I had a club owner in New Hampshire call 2 days ago wanting to book a show with a budget of $200.00 and a room capacity of 50 people.Now I'm sure they found some wannabe just staring out who will probably take that gig ,but I made sure I took the time to explain in detail to the club owner exactly what kind of performance he will get for his money.I'm not saying you'll get two grand  and a crowd of 400 people everytime you go out the door and of course every client has a different budget ,but be realistic when booking ,if you're doing backyard parties for 30 or 40 people for a few extra bucks and they have never seen a hypnois demonstration ,ther're going  to think WOW!then they go see a full production ,well the difference is night and day  pick and choose, sometimes you're better of to politely decline than do a lousy show for low pay.  

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