Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flourishing Profession or Dying Art

Well it's been some time since my last blog,almost a month,not much has happened just keeping up with work,  it's high season with proms and grad nights for the next 7 weeks,this is when all the crazy calls come in,you know the ones looking for last minute entertainment because the guy they hired cancelled on them,or someone on the committee had an after thought about getting a hypnotist ,or some are still price shopping hopeing you will discount your fee.As I've stated in the past if you have never seen a stage hypnotist performance before ,the first person you see is always great because you have nothing to compare it to. and it is pretty hard to screw up a high school show,especially if you do the standard cookie cutter routines you just learned that everyone else is doing  that they also learned in stagehypnosis class,but as time goes on the once great profession of being a fulltime stagehypnotist will go the way of the Dodo bird and males stripers, nearly extinct or part time weekend wonders st,of course a few will manage to rise to the top, but most will dangle on the edge. The competition isn't  getting better it's  gettting saturated ,and the once unqique skits now become mundane and repetative and worn and tired like an old shoe.and you can't keep beating a  dead horse.I won't even get into stage presence or personality, we'll save that for later. As long as the public is willing to spend as little as possible  for entertainment and expecting to get  more for their dollar,and as long as you have people trying to make money telling people how to make money ,and performers willing to work for cheap to supplement thier income,eventually the once honorable profession of stagehypnotist will get a reputation of "if you've seen one you've see them all" move along folks nothing to worth watching here!

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  1. Hi Joe,

    I just happened upon your blog post and had to comment. I couldn't agree with you more.

    There are people out there now claiming to be the Worlds Best Hypnotist after a couple of days training or watching the Tube. Then they go out working for next to nothing, with basic skits, no experience and in most cases, Zero Performing Ability.
    Yes, they probably will hypnotise someone, then go through some script, without any flair.

    And there's the other side of the coin where the hypnotist is a total Pervert and have people doing disgusting stuff in the name of comedy.

    Sometimes, one and the same.

    Of course, we get the brunt of it, because like you say, people think they've seen it all before or they expect we are going to humiliate people. Which we Do Not, Ever.

    I've said this before, but as hypnosis is not as difficult to do as most would have the public believe, the talentless who want fame are using hypnosis to get it. Even if they are only famous in their own back yard and not always for the right reasons.

    Hang on in there Joe, We'll be Right. Because we are Entertainers and everyone needs a proper laugh.

    Best wishes,
    Chris Doc Strange
    "the Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat"